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Let Me Help You
Take Your Clinical Abilities to Their Next Level
What if we could enhance your functional understanding of manual muscle testing and quickly grow your referral base?


What would you anticipate from this functional muscle test?

There is more to manual muscle testing than just testing a muscle, rubbing a reflex and/or recommending a nutrient.


HealthBuilderS® Professional Coaching is dedicated to helping caring doctors like you realize the terrible impact muscle dysfunction and its resultant neurological distress have on the human dynamic, and the benefits manual muscle testing can deliver by reestablishing inborn human movement patterns.

Professional Coaching Now Available

Healthy and referring patients are always the key to a growing practice. And what better way to attract them than to apply your best skills? We want to help you become the go-to doctor in your area.


When I started my practice in 1977, I knew what I wanted to do and which direction I wanted to go, but I needed help with my clinical abilities. Like you, I had taken the boards and passed all the tests. I had licenses to practice Chiropractic and Naturopathic Medicine, and I had access to plenty of high quality resources. My issue was understanding the real way the nervous system works and organizing my treatment steps accordingly.

Now, with almost five decades in private practice I understand things with increased clarity. One of my goals is to help doctors reach the level of understanding and treat their patients with the expertise they always imagined. That's why I have created HealthBuilderS® Professional Coaching as a place where successful doctors can meet, ask questions, learn and enhance their clinical abilities.


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Meet Dr. Michael Allen

Dr. Allen's professional career started in January 1977. His clinical experience -- including private practice, teaching, and writing three books related to healthcare -- has helped hundreds of doctors and their patients in tens of countries on four different continents. If you want to learn more about Dr. Allen's clinical techniques but are unable to follow him around the globe, you can now be with him online either one-on-one or in a small group.

Whether you need advice regarding a particular patient, help with patient care in general, or are a looking to increase your clinical abilities; if you want a better understanding of how functional neurology can help you grow your practice and have a healthier lifestyle, Dr. Allen has the clinical experience and skill to help you.
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