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Let Me Help You

Take Your Clinical Abilities to Their Next Level

What if we could enhance your functional understanding of manual muscle testing and quickly grow your referral base?


What would you anticipate from this functional muscle test?

“Our mission is to help caring doctors like you realize the terrible impact muscle dysfunction and its resultant neurological distress has on the human dynamic, and the benefits manual muscle testing can deliver by re-establishing normal human movement."

Healthy and referring patients are always the key to a growing practice. And what better way to attract them than to apply your best skills?


When I started my practice I knew what to do and which direction I wanted to go, but I needed help with my clinical abilities. Like you, I had taken the boards and passed all the tests. I had licenses to practice Chiropractic and Naturopathic Medicine, and I had access to plenty of resources. My issue was understanding the real way the nervous system works and organizing my treatment steps accordingly.

Well, after more than four decades in private practice I understand things with increasing clarity. And, what's more, I have created HealthBuilderS® Clinical Mastermind Group as a place where successful doctors can meet, ask questions, learn and enhance their clinical abilities.


Want to find out more? Read about these amazing opportunities.

Wouldn't you agree that in order to be the best doctor you can be you'll need to gain better understanding, create a clearer clinical perspective and expand your diagnostic skills?

  • Do you want more satisfaction out of your practice?

  • Do you want to step up your diagnostic and treatment abilities?

  • Do you want to become a better doctor and help more people?

I have three very important questions for you:

    1. How do you plan to apply any new material when you already have a routine?

    2. How can you find real diagnostic clarity, set treatment goals and manage your appointment times better?

    3. How can you enrich your family time without the struggle of daily practice distractions?

~ Here's the Plan ~
Dr. Allen understands that doctors are problem solvers and patients have problems that need solving; patients want solutions.
Dr. Allen can help you be a better problem solver -- a healthy solution finder -- producing solid outcomes for his professional clients and their patients; real solutions. He will help you find a clear clinical vision with an understandable message that delivers concrete outcomes.

Well, that's why we're opening this coaching opportunity to you.


For a limited time only, you can learn 3 online clinical procedures from Dr. Allen:

  • The calcium cuff pressure test

  • The tonic neck reflex training and

  • The 12 influences of primary afferents

...for the price of one. Why would we give you such a HUGE discount?


Because we want YOU to clinically succeed in your practice and with your patients.


No more excuses.


No more delays.


No more feeling like you can't handle it.


Dr. Allen can help you be just as effective as any other doctor you follow or admire. You can leave  your office at the end of your day knowing that you stayed focused, made major moves toward achieving your dreams and that you will sleep soundly.


You deserve to get ahead. You deserve to know the same diagnostic skills and treatment-planning-ninja-moves as the smartest doctors on the planet.

You have something unique to offer and much to contribute. Realize your goals faster. Do all things well. Be proud of your increasing clinical skills. Learn more about the functional neurology every doctor should know and enhance your clinical success.

That's what HealthBuilderS® Clinical Mastermind Group can do for you.


Enroll today and receive these three practice-building procedures for the price of one.


Let me help you instill a new practice perspective with updated treatment techniques, modernized  treatment program tools and a clearer healthcare mindset that will help you apply your skills. And your family can realize your dreams.


This practice-building offer is for a limited time only. Register today!

Professional Coaching Now Available
Dr. Allen's professional career started in January 1977. His clinical experience -- including private practice, teaching, and writing three books related to healthcare -- has helped hundreds of doctors and their patients on four different continents. If you want to learn more about Dr. Allen's clinical techniques but are unable to follow him around the globe, you can now be with him online either one-on-one or in a small group.
Whether you need advice regarding a particular patient, help with patient care in general, or are a looking to increase your clinical abilities; if you want a better understanding of how functional neurology can help you grow your practice and have a healthier lifestyle, Dr. Allen has the clinical experience and skill to help you.
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