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Celebrating the hundreds of doctors who have helped their patients and transformed their practices with the help of
“Dr. Allen's Ten Module Physiological Reflex Series”

These ten sessions help you, the doctor, grow in your understanding of manual muscle testing (MMT) as functional neurology and to apply that information to help improve your patient's condition.

"I’ve had the incredible opportunity to follow Doctor Allen in his office and observe him examining and treating patients. I was extremely impressed by the effectiveness of the method he is teaching, its quickness and its precision especially if compared to the Functional Neurology method applied without Functional Manual Muscle Testing (MMT). I went back to my office and I started applying Doctor Allen’s method. I realized that the limit of what we can do is only given by our ability to perform and rely on the MMT and by our vision and creativity based on the scientific knowledge of how the brain works! Moreover this limit can be moved further and further with the increasing knowledge and ability the doctor gains with practice. I’ve been in practice for over 20 years and I haven’t been this

Andrea Cecchi_edited.jpg

excited since the very beginning.  Being an AK doctor, I realize this is just another piece of the puzzle, but it is a very important one.  It is as if the four corners of a real cardboard puzzle are finally revealed.


"In conclusion Doctor Allen’s course could be tiring and confusing due to the vast amount of material covered, but it is one of the clearest and most logical application of the functional neurology knowledge and the AK application.  Furthermore, it is quick to apply and clear in the patient’s response. In my opinion it is the best diagnostic combination of tools we doctors could be given and I recommend it to whoever wants to step up the bar of the type of cases he or she may successfully see in his or her practice!"

/// Andrea Cecchi, DC

Turin, Italy

"Michael has the talent of explaining Functional Neurology in simple and understandable terms. I use his techniques on a regular basis with my patients daily to improve my diagnostic skills."

/// Christopher Astill-Smith, DO, DIBAK

Marlow Clinic, England

Chris Smith DO.png

"I have been performing the Galant reflex (GR) tests that Dr. Allen taught me on every patient and have been having amazing results, picking up somatic dysfunctions (SD, osteopathic for chiropractic subluxation) that would not have shown in the past.


"Just quickly, had a lady in recently with mid scapula pain. Among other things I tested the rhomboids, the sternal and clavicular portions of her pectoralis major and upper traps, and found nothing showed


"I then tested the GRs, which showed an abnormal response. The south pole of a magnet normalised the reflex over T5. I adjusted her T5 then retested her rhomboids, which showed a conditional inhibition on the left. Further examination showed an SD at C5. I diagnosed that she had a left pyramidal weakness and performed another adjustment to C5 on the left as she didn’t consent to manipulation on the right.


"This important event taught me to check the GR first then go to the area of concern. I would have missed the rhomboid issue if I didn’t clear the GR first, How many others have I missed, I wonder?


"Thank you for your amazing presentation in Brisbane, in March 2019. I’m slowly building my functional neurology experience to include the GR for lumbar and thoracic issues and the asymmetric tonic neck reflex for the cervical spine with the psoas, gluteus medius and deltoids.


"I love it, amazing!"



/// Jason Dargan, DO

Brisbane, Australia

Jason Dargan.jpg

"I have been blessed by many educational opportunities with Dr. Allen. His knowledge of neurology is outstanding, this combined with his ability to understand and correct human movement is unparalleled. Implementing his work is a great boost to clinical confidence and effectiveness. I highly recommend his courses."

/// Scott Vrzal, DC, DBBP, DMBBP, DMBM, DAAIM

Laguna Niguel, CA

Scott Vrzal_edited.png

"Brain health is one of the greatest priorities in all of health care, and Dr. Allen can help you become a leader in this emerging and highly valued field.


"Dr. Michael Allen has a great understanding of how to restore and maintain health through normalizing the function of the nervous system.

"His excellent approach to treating the whole person is something that can be learned and applied through his systematic teaching and coaching."

/// Robert Blaich, DC

Denver, CO

Robert Blaich DC.PNG
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