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There are times when a simple podcast can make a great difference in thinking.  Podcasts do not necessarily change a person's mind, but they can contribute to a better understanding of an issue.


How Golf is Like a Contact Sport


Is your lower back strong enough to endure the tremendous torque produced by your golf swing? Learn more about what it means to have a healthy lower back by listening to this podcast by Dr. Allen.

How Golf is Like a Contact Sport - Dr. Michael Allen
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Are You Getting Enough Protein?


Proteins are so important for cellular function, neurotransmission and detoxification yet most people fall short of their optimal protein intake. Learn more about heating protein sources, what it means to be an essential amino acid and how to know which protein sources are the best for you.

Are You Getting Enough Protein? - Dr. Michael Allen
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The Ice/Heat Controversy is Over!


According to some of the latest research on the issue ice therapy has fallen out of favor with the healthcare community. Researchers indicate that while ice may help reduce pain it may slow the healing process. Heat therapy, on the other hand, is gaining respect when it comes to rehabilitation. Learn how to use heat artfully and increase the healing process too!

Heat is Always Better - Dr. Michael Allen
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Why So Many Food Allergies?


Without even knowing it is happening, the incidence of food allergies is on the rise. Many people probably do not even know that they are eating the foods to which they are allergic. Researchers have found that an allergic reaction can cause many different signs and symptoms that may go unnoticed. Hear Dr. Allen discuss some natural ways to treat food allergies.

Why So Many Food Allergies? - Dr. Michael Allen
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Are Standing Desks the Answer?


While there are benefits to standing more at work, standing desks are not necessarily the answer to the sedentary work space. Movement is the key to a healthy work-style. Dr. Allen will discuss the benefits to movement and how it can help reduce many common back pain symptoms.

Forget Standing Desks - Dr. Michael Allen
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