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This first of five classes covers modules 1 and 2 of Dr. Allen's Receptor Based Solutions: Ten Module Physiological Reflex Series. Dr. Allen teaches you the secrets of natural pain control, and how to enlist gravity to attain upright posture.
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Class 1: Modules 1 and 2.

Price: USD$550

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Class 2: Modules 3 and 4.

Price: USD$550

This second of five classes covers modules 3 and 4 of Dr. Allen's Receptor Based Solutions: Ten Module Physiological Reflex Series. Dr. Allen teaches what every doctor should know about the importance of cerebellar surround inhibition, and how to recognize and treat the postural display known as "the stroke antalgia."
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These DVDs from Dr. Allen's third class of five -- modules 5 and 6 -- on Receptor Based Solutions: Ten Module Physiological Reflex Series. These DVDs cover what every doctor should know about the the vestibular system and functional postures. Knowing how to apply these essential principles can make all the difference in optimal human performance.

Class 2: Modules 5 and 6.

Price: USD$550

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Eyelights® with colored lenses (above) and clear lenses (below).

Eyelights® are an essential part of Dr. Allen's neurological therapies. They provide neurological light and color stimulation to the side of the brain needing the stimulation for greater physical and mental performance. It is important to known when to use the different colored lens and how to set the lights for the optimal cortical effects.

The light stimulation comes from a small unit that emits gentle "low frequency" intermittent "red" light pulses that cause electrical stimulation directly onto the retina and into the brain.

These special glasses can be worn at home, work and school in conjunction with other sensory motor exercises (e.g., balancing on one leg, strength training, aerobics, stretches, cross-crawl, eye exercises, Interactive Metronome® and vibration therapy).

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It is quite common for learning challenges to be linked to dysfunctional eye movements or the inability of eyes to move together efficiently. Eyelight® Therapy can also help stimulate important brain areas that produce neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, involved with controlling emotions, attention span, motivation, promoting thinking before acting, muscle strength and motor function.

Athletes of all ages can use Eyelights® to become stronger, recover more quickly, balance muscle tone and increase overall performance.

Eyelights® are available for purchase from HealthBuilderS® Professional Coaching.


Eyelights® are a highly specialized therapy and should be programmed and monitored by Dr. Allen or another Chiropractic Functional Neurologist who is competent in their use.

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The Hemifield Stimulator Goggles are another essential component to Dr. Allen's neurological therapies.

Sometimes it is important to use one eye or the other in order to stimulate optimal retinal stimulation and brain function. The Hemifield Stimulator Goggles are a key ingredient to proper cortical stimulation

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The Eye Patch augments the Hemifield Stimulator Goggles use by eliminating one side of retinal stimulation. The Eye Patch  can also be used with the Eyelights®, but this application is rare.